What is Surrogacy?

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What is Surrogacy?

A woman who agrees to get pregnant, give birth and give the baby to another woman, is called a Surrogate Mother.

The most common use of surrogate mothers is when a married man and woman learn that they are Infertile. If it is the woman who is unable to conceive and/or carry a pregnancy, a couple may decide to seek a surrogate mother.

There are other, less common situations requiring a surrogate. Gay couples--or even singles--sometimes desire to parent.

The decision often comes after months or years of trying; and, often the couple has gone through the very difficult use of fertility drugs to encourage ovulation and pregnancy.

There are other reasons for Infertility. A surprisingly high percentage of the time, Infertility can be attributed to Male Factor Infertility. In this case, one might label a sperm donor as a Surrogate Father.

But, as it relates to Surrogacy, it is usually the woman who is found to be Infertile. The question arises… “How can we produce a child who is biologically our own?”

With the help of Artificial Insemination and Assisted Reproductive Technology, a surrogate can be fertilized by one, or sometimes both of the biological parents. The best of all Surrogate situations is when the Surrogate Mother is not biologically related to the parents--called gestational surrogacy. She serves as the “oven” only. It makes it much easier for the Surrogate to give the baby to the parents if she is not biologically related to the newborn.

When asking What is Surrogacy, you might also ask... How can I find a healthy, stable woman to be our surrogate?

As you can imagine, it is very important to find a mature, intelligent woman to serve as your surrogate. That is why it is highly recommended to use a Surrogacy Agency. Even if you find the surrogate yourself, go to an agency or get an attorney for the legal paperwork.

There are hundreds of considerations that you haven’t even thought about.

Agencies are good at screening young women to ensure that they are emotionally stable and mature enough to understand and cope with the final outcome. They offer counseling and have first hand experience with all of the pitfalls.

There is something psychologically good about a contract. The contract helps everyone understand the agreement and make the commitment.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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What is Surrogacy?

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