Vitex and Fertility

Vitex Chaste Berry

Vitex and Fertility

Vitex, also called Chaste Berry, is an herb that has been moderately effective in improving fertility as part of an overall natural infertility treatment plan.

There have been some studies demonstrating the effectiveness of Vitex. This herb has been successfully used for centuries to treat a variety of female hormone-related health issues.

Vitex does not contain hormones, but does contain other constituents which have an influence on the pituitary gland. For that reason, Chaste Berry reduces prolactin levels and increases progesterone levels—both of which can improve fertility.

Because Vitex increases progesterone (over estrogen) levels, it can lengthen a short luteal phase defect—a primary cause of infertility in women. Vitex helps to balance a woman’s cycle, causing her to have more consistent, healthy ovulation.

It can take up to 12 months for Vitex to stimulate the pituitary sufficiently to realize results.

Dosing of this and any herb should be prescribed by your naturopathic physician, or other licensed, qualified health practitioner. Herbs usually require large doses and consistent long-term use to be effective.

Don’t be discouraged. Treatment with healthy, natural substances is the best way to take responsibility for your health. Vitex is a good addition to your overall fertility plan. Read other resources on this website to become educated about all of the lifestyle changes that can enhance fertility naturally.

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Vitex and Fertility

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