Tips on Getting Pregnant

Tips on getting pregnant are simply things to remember when couples are trying to become pregnant. They are not cures for infertility, but they are simple techniques that will encourage aide in conception. Surprisingly, the most intuitive and obvious things to remember, somehow go out the window when couples become starry-eyed and passionate. Tips on getting pregnant should be viewed as serious suggestions to practice regularly until you achieve your goal.

Vaginal secretions are more plentiful when a woman is in a good frame of mind and adequately sexually stimulated at the point of intercourse: and, more specifically at the point of ejaculation. A woman's vaginal secretions during her ovulation are the right millieu to keep sperm alive.

So, let’s start from the beginning. As they say… for a woman sex begins early in the day. A woman is more likely to conceive if she is relaxed, ready and wanting sex. Men need to take this advice seriously. It does not come naturally to a man to begin his foreplay early in the day. And the foreplay I’m talking about is not necessarily touching or kissing. It is about helping around the house, showing consideration, speaking loving words.

If a woman is ovulating and her partner takes the time to love her during the day and works up to the evening sexual encounter, she will be in a perfect frame of mind and body to concieve.

Even before the foreplay , men need to be thinking about their sperm and how to keep them happy. It isn’t just a suggestion when we say keep sperm cool. If you work out regularly, wear loose clothing and do your workouts in a cool environment.

Also, men, stay in communication with your mate. She needs to be tracking her ovulation. After a few months of tracking, she will be able predict her ovulation days. Refrain from sex about four days before ovulation and then engaging in sex for two days prior to ovulation and then during ovulation as well.

It should be obvious, but don't douche after intercourse. It literally washes the ejaculate from the vaginal space.

Avoid using lubricant. Sperm might have an adverse reaction to it. It is better for a woman to be adequately stimulated so that her natural lubrication is plentiful.

One last thing... check out the pages dealing with fertility diet. There you will learn what foods to eat and what food to avoid. You will also find links to vitamins and herbs that enhance fertility.

Exercise enhances fertility! My exercise routine includes a small rebounder in my bedroom, some 8-lb. weights and a vibrating platform. These are all easy ways to get good exercise in the comfort of your own bedroom while watching your favorite program!

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Dr.Christine Strong, NMD

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