The Infertility Cure

How would I treat myself if I were diagnosed with Infertility?

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What follows is my personal opinion. It is not meant to diagnose or treat. This is not a medical treatment protocol. It is simply my opinion on how I would radically improve my health so that my body (with the help of my husband) could grow a baby!

The Infertility Cure! I believe that all disease emerges from the gut. If the gut is healthy, the body will be healthy. For that reason, I believe in cleansing, raw foods, water, exercise and meditation.

As is true for many of you, I was raised on a traditional American diet. Processed and canned foods were a staple in our home. By the time I learned that my body needed cleansing from years of antibiotics, food additives and built-up mucous, I was in my late twenties.

Over the next ten years I detoxified my body with fasting, juicing, and raw foods.

Today, if I were diagnosed with Infertility, I would do the same thing.

Help the Body to Heal Itself!

I would start with a Master Cleanse. In 1940, Stanley Burroughs, developed the Master Cleanse to treat a stomach ulcer. Over the next 40 years, he promoted the cleanse to many of his patients for a variety of ailments. Rather than targeting a specific illness, the cleanse purges toxins from the gut and other organs, allowing it to begin the healing process.

The cleanse is ten days and consists of drinking water with lemon, pure maple syrup, and ceyenne pepper throughout the day. For specific proportions and an explanation of the exact Master Cleanse diet, look online. Several websites address the diet in more detail.

Why Raw Food?

After the ten days, I would ease back to eating food by starting with fresh, raw vegetable juices for an additional week.

And then I would eat small, raw food meals--six to eight a day, drink plenty of water, exercise by stretching and walking. Raw food books abound. You will find several online or at your local bookstore.

The reason I eat raw food is because I believe in the enzyme theory--that your body needs the natural enzymes in foods. Every food has a signature enzyme which helps in digestion. Cooking a food depletes its natural signature enzyme, leaving the body with the job of breaking down and digesting it.

Raw foods are sometimes called Living Foods because they still contain their life force. Enzymes, phyto-chemicals, oxygen and energy can be lost in cooking and processing foods.

To demonstrate that raw foods have life in them... try to get a cooked food to sprout. It won't! But beans, seeds, potatoes, carrot tops--they all sprout if placed in water. They are alive.

I would also make all the lifestyle changes suggested in various articles on this website, to give myself every opportunity to conceive--Stretch, do Yoga, meditate, pray, take fertility herbs, and love myself.

Doesn't it make sense that if you give your body life, it will produce life?

Suffice it to say, I would not agree to allopathic infertility treatment. My fertility treatment would be a return to God's prescription for health!

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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