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Surrogate Motherhood! Are you ready?

Many Surrogate Mothers will tell you that their experience was miraculous. If the process is done properly, with love and care, it is close to a spiritual experience. There is the sense that God’s hand is in it. Many surrogates believe "it was meant to be!"

When the potential Surrogate is interviewing couples, she needs to look for the right connection. She will be looking to the couple for support and love… without pressure or other negative expectations.

Recent surveys of Surrogate Moms have demonstrated that they feel little or no remorse after giving the baby to the rightful parents. That is because most Surrogate cases are through qualified agencies. The agency helps all parties to understand the agreement.

When you sign a contract before getting pregnant, as a surrogate you psychologically make the mental adjustment beforehand.

A British study published in 2002, looked at 43 surrogate situations and reported that virtually none of the 43 surrogates interviewed felt remorse when handing the baby over to the legal parents.

Most of the families reported that they intended to keep in touch with their surrogate mothers. After the birth of the child, the families demonstrated superior parenting skills with more than sufficient warmth and tenderness toward their babies.

This information can allay any fears about giving birth and handing the baby over to the legal parents. Surrogates are adequately prepared by the end of the nine months. Agencies offer counseling and have an advocate available at all times.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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Surrogate Motherhood!

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