Surrogate Fertilization

Are you thinking of becoming a surrogate? Do you know what is involved? Find out here!

Surrogate fertilization is a relatively straightforward medical procedure done in a clinical setting. A surrogate is a woman who is willing to be impregnated by in-vitro fertilization or artificial insemination, carry a fetus through pregnancy and birth and then give the child to the legal parents.

How does the surrogate get fertilized?

Before a woman can decide to become a surrogate, she usually wants to learn how she will be impregnated.

There are only a few ways that a surrogate mother can be fertilized. The following links will educate you as you investigate the surrogacy option.

The easiest and least expensive way to inseminate a surrogate is artificial insemination using the donor's sperm and the surrogate's egg. In the event of a husband and wife, the husband of the infertile couple will supply the sperm. The child would be related to the husband and the surrogate. The wife of the couple would adopt the child.

Another way to inseminate a surrogate is by in-vitro fertilization or IVF, where the egg and sperm of the infertile couple are united in a laboratory setting and encouraged to fertilize. The fertilized egg(s) is then placed in the surrogate. Since the surrogate is not biologically related to the baby, it is referred to as gestational surrogacy.

The wonderful advantage of this method is that the surrogate is not related to the baby. And, husband and wife can feel complete in the process since both would be the true biological parents of the baby.

There are books on surrogate fertilization to be found at your local library or online. I have included links to books that I believe are filled with good information.

Dr. Christine Strong,NMD

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