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Established surrogate agencies are out there. Be certain you interview with ones that have processed several good surrogate matches--ones that have finished the process without consequence.

It is important to find a reputable agency with experience. At best the surrogacy process is complicated, including paperwork, interviews, legal issues and matching potential parents with the right surrogate. And, matching a surrogate with an appropriate, and loving couple.

Working with a surrogacy agency will include a signed legal contract and some payment up front.

You may already know that surrogate agencies are available all over the world; and, some couples choose a surrogate from another country because it is less expensive and possibly less complicated.

Contact and/or visit several agencies and view their respective contracts. Read them over carefully and--when you decide to proceed--have a reputable family law attorney review the contract before signing.

Even if you have been able to find your own surrogate, it is wise to use a reputable agency and go through the legal and assessment process to ensure that there will be no unexpected complications arising after pregnancy.

You will be asked to provide an unbelievable amount of information. While it seems daunting, it is important because the agency can assess your situation and better prepare you for the experience.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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