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I know about surrogacy, first hand, because my daughter, Allison, considered becoming a surrogate mother after the birth of her son.

Because she had an easy and healthy pregnancy and birth, she thought she would be a good candidate.

How old should a surrogate be?

Most surrogates are between the ages of 18 and 32. Agencies usually require that a surrogate mother be married with a stable living situation. Most surrogate mothers have had one or more children of their own.

What are agencies looking for in their surrogate?

The difficulty that surrogate agencies face is ensuring that the surrogate mother is stable. Everyone involved in surrogacy needs to come away from the experience a winner. For that reason, the screening process is extensive, including psychological assessment to ensure that the surrogate is prepared to give the baby to the parents at the end of the pregnancy.

What are the reasons a woman would want to be a surrogate?

It is important that those becoming a surrogate mother choose to enter into a program for the right reasons. Usually, (to be completely truthful) a woman or a couple choose to become surrogates because there is a financial reward. But, many also like the idea of giving a child to a couple longing to be parents.

Allison and Greg felt so blessed to have their own son, that they wanted to share their joy with a couple longing to experience parenthood.

Surrogate motherhood can be a huge blessing for a woman who enters into it with the right motives. The best situation for the surrogate is to carry a child that has none of her genes or her partners genes. Most women find it easier to hand the baby over knowing they only served to be the "oven!"

Donor sperm is a subject that will arise during your investigation especially as it relates to who's sperm will be used to impregnate the surrogate.

How does the surrogate get fetilized?

For information on how the surrogate gets fertilized click on this link: surrogate fertilization. If you desire to become a surrogate mother, there are several links on this website that can connect you to the right agency to begin the process of surrogate parenting.

Additionally, if you are a couple desiring to find a good surrogate, look around the website for links. There are wonderful surrogacy agencies with experience.

You can begin your education process here.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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