Smoking and Infertility

secondary smoke and pregnancy

Smoking and Infertility.

It has been known for years that smoking (including secondary smoke) has an effect on the health of fetus and baby.

Low birth weights and some birth defects have been reported in babies born to smoking mothers.

There have been numerous studies comparing smoking and non-smoking women. The results overwhelmingly demonstrate that smoking influences a woman's body and her reproductive organs. And, in some cases she is rendered completely infertile.

Smoking inhibits pregnancy by about 40%, studies show. And, those who can attain pregnancy are delayed two to three months over women who don’t smoke.

Miscarriage is an indication that there was something wrong with the fetus. Because miscarriage has been linked to smoking, we have to assume that smoking can cause real problems with the number and quality of eggs a woman produces and with the healthy development of the fetus.

Like breaking any habit, quitting smoking will present challenges, but quitting is still the best option. For some reason, cutting back doesn't make a significant difference in terms of improving fertility.

Women love their babies even before they're born. It will help your motivation to quit knowing that you are doing it out of love for your future child. Quitting because it’s good for your baby, makes sense.

Remember that breaking this habit will help you to get pregnant and deliver a healthier baby.

Smoking and Infertility

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