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Signs of Ovulation

Signs of ovulation in women are subtle. However, if you know those signs in advance, you can be looking for them.

No one would be able to look at a woman and detect that she is ovulating. That is why it is sometimes called "concealed or hidden ovulation."

Basal Body Temperature

If you have done any investigating about ovulation, you have come across articles about "basal body temperature." During ovulation, body temperature changes. The changes are very small, but significant and predictive of ovulation. Because the changes are subtle, a special thermometer is required to detect these relatively minor changes in body temp. Go to this article on using basal body temperature to predict ovulation and fertile days of the month.

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A woman can experience mild cramping pain just before and during ovulation. The cramps are called Mittelschmerz cramps.

Heightened Senses

Empirical evidence states that some women testify of having heightened senses before and during ovulation. They say that they have heightened libido and a more intense sense of smell. And some women confess that they are more provocative in their dress and makeup during days leading up to ovulation.

Changes in Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge varies through a woman's cycle. During ovulation the cervical mucous is slippery like egg white. This is a clear and predictable sign of ovulation.

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