Risk Factors for Male Infertility

The following are risk factors for male infertilty.

Exposure to high heat for a prolonger period. Hopefully, you have heard about the effects of heat on male sperm production. Simply stated, avoid saunas, hot tubs, prolonged hot showers, exercising in tight synthetic pants.

Avoid stress. The production of sperm, including sperm count, requires a delicate balance. There are hormones that control the healthy functioning of the testicles. Adequate sperm count or functioning can be directly related to stress.

A very serious condition is testicular torsion--where the testicles are twisted inside the scrotum. If not treated early, testicular torsion can lead to permanent infertility. It usually occurs in young adults. The symptoms are severe pain and swelling arising suddently.

Sexually transmitted diseases --especially chlamydia--can cause scarring of the urethra. The scarring can partially or completely inhibit the flow of semen through the penis. Early diagnosis and treatment of STD's is an important part of male and female health.

Abuse of drugs has a direct impact on

male infertility Often legal and illegal drugs directly influence hormone balance. And, of course, sperm production and health is directly related to healthy hormone levels.

Exposure to various toxic chemicals can effect a man's ability to father a child. If you have had exposure to a particular toxic substance, research the substance to evaluate your particular situation.

Christine Strong, NMD

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