Reiki And Infertility

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Reiki and Infertility

An ancient Japanese therapy, Reiki is a non-invasive method of encouraging the body’s energy to flow unimpeded and to encourage the body to heal itself.

A reiki practitioner rarely touches a client. Instead a trained reiki therapist will channel energy from his or her hands to the patient. Often a Reiki therapist can sense regions of the body where the energy is congested.

These types of therapies (natural fertility treatments) assume that disease is an imbalance in the body caused by mental, physical and emotional disturbances which result in congestion.

Reiki is purported to improve and raise energy levels, boost the immune system, reduce stress, reduce pain, help with anxiety, and detoxify the body.

There have been no studies to show that Reiki is a viable treatment for infertility. However, there have been women who have claimed their pregnancy resulted from Reiki treatment.

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