Positions Getting Pregnant

There have been no good clinical studies to conclusively prove that there are particular positions getting pregnant.

If you are having difficulty getting pregnant and you are not ready to resort to using fertility drugs, employ the various natural methods including a change in diet, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other lifestyle changes that encourage ovulation and conception.

Even though the medical community will not advocate one method over another, plenty of couples will vouch for the missionary posture as the ideal position for getting pregnant.

There are several probable reasons. A woman is most relaxed when she is on the bottom during sexual intercourse. Also, it allows for maximum penetration giving the sperm a head start. If she remains on her back after intercourse, the sperm/ejaculate remain close to the cervix where they enter and begin their arduous journey.

Positions and depth of penetration can influence the gender of your baby which has something to do with the pH of the vagina. Deep penetration positions the sperm closer to the uterus where the millieu is more alkaline which is more agreeable to the survival of the male sperm. Whereas more shallow penetration would deposit the sperm in the more acidic environment. Dr. Shettles believes that rear-entry favors boy babies and missionary style favors girl babies.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD