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Controlling diabetes before and during pregnancy is absolutely essential. Studies have shown a relationship between diabetes and birth defects, miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth and jaundice. Find a doctor who specializes in high risk pregnancy and watch your diet.

Go to and read the various pages to be informed about what you can do to take charge of your health.

"Solve Diabetes Types I and II, by scientific treatment using human body energy fields, quantum physics resonance technics of transmission of vibrations from medicines, eliminate cellular toxin blockages, restore energy field symmetry, no intake of medicine, no side effects, compatible with other treatments."

Do you have a child diagnosed with Apraxia?

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a neurological disorder effecting motor speech. Sounds, syllables and words will be difficult for these children. It is frustrating for a child because he or she knows what to say and wants to say it. However, turning that desire into action can be difficult because the brain cannot coordinate the muscle movements necessary to complete the desired action.

Find out more about Apraxia and what you can do:

Go to Pregtime for First Pregnancy Information: Pregnancy tests, signs, symptoms, bleeding, ultrasound, baby's movements, pain, nausea, heartburn, complications, yoga, massage. Articles on fertility.

GAMES, PUZZLES, MAGAZINES, your direct source to online shopping for Board Games, Bridal Shower Games, Baby Shower Games, Couples Games, Educational Games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Kid's Games, Mobile Phone Games, Kid's Magazines, chess, Party Games,War games,Math Games,Magic and video gaming products. Go to this games link for ideas.

Ultrasound is an important part of your conception to pregnancy journey! This site is about the development and use of ultrasound machines. It shows their history and the way they save lives and assist with the birth of millions. It also details the uses of it to detect cancer, obstructions in arteries and digestive tracts as well as abnormalities and anomalies.

The natural way to healthy skin. All natural, plant based skin remedies for every type of skin problem. These are the highest quality, hypo-allergenic and fragrance free creams, face and body wash and shampoo with an incredible success rate for dry skin and scalp repair, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and more!

Natural remedies to beautify your skin. Contains easy to understand information on many specific skin problems from psoriasis, eczema to dry scalp symptoms and more. Natural skin remedies are recommended by a practicing Herbalogist with years of successful experience with 1000's of clients. A must for those suffering from years of skin problems!

Look for just the right crib and mattress for the most important person in your life--your child.

Just for the fun of it, I'm adding a link to Pooler, Georgia because it's a great site with wonderful resources. Happy hunting!

Go to Healthy Recipes for Kids! Healthy children grow into healthy adults. Start early learning how and what to feed your most precious possession.

Music for your unborn baby!

If you invest in your child's future, by purchasing this series, you'll have a healthier, well adjusted, smarter baby. Communicate and teach your baby before birth and during infancy. Increase your baby's attention span. Help your baby sleep during infancy. Get dads and siblings actively involved.

Information on pregnancy including... Signs and symptoms, exercises and much much more!

During and after pregnancy Cellulite can be an annoying problem. Check out this link for helpful tips on reducing Cellulite.

The beauty of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga with daughter

can move you into a place of peace and serenity. Learn to live your life free from stress. Check out this beautiful website for more information.

For a comprehensive website on how one guy took his health into his own hands and... after smoking and drinking his way down the slippery slope... climbed back out to get healthy! Check this guy out... what a story! If he can do it, you can do it!!!

Many women with hormonal issues complain about dry skin! Go to this very informative website for answers.

For fitness, bodybuilding, exercise and supplements this is an interesting site with a lot of information.

FatLossIn3Months For a quick weight loss program, check out this site. Jose has done a great job of making it easy and fun.

One Stop Shop for Kids!! Everything you need for babies and kids from bedding, clothing, gear, gifts, toys and more!

Diapers, any size, any age!! Adult Diapers, Baby Diapers; Daily Diapers, incontinence absorption products to stay dry, keeping wetness in, achieving highest comfort to adult and baby. Consulting, Business Development and Financial Studies to Diaper Services Providers.

Baby Names! Yay!!! Top 100 baby names - Find 1000's of terrific baby names lists in dozens of fun categories that can withstand the -You named your baby what?!- test... Free great advice guide from parents of eight...

Alive Past Five! Providing baby and child safety information and products to parents in order to prevent the accidental death of their young children. We help parents keep their toddlers and small kids safe with important safety tips to improve awareness plus key infant, toddler and child safety products.

International Adoption! Having trouble adopting in the U.S. Find out about International Adoption. We are your resources headquarters. Get the facts.

Hair loss help for both males and females! Wow! Hair Loss Treatments - offers a natural hair loss treatment product to permanently cure hair loss without any side-effects. Information resources and articles about the genetic condition of hair loss, otherwise known as female or male pattern baldness.