Male Infertility


Male Infertility is more rare than the complications that arise for women. And, it is often overlooked as a possibility in an infertile couple. For some people, it is unthinkable to consider the male as the infertile one.

As we shine some light on the subject, and address the problems openly, we can eliminate some of the guilt and fear associated with all infertility.

Open communication and counseling will help a family cope with stress and embarrassment. Nearly half of all male infertility problems are treatable.

In this section of the website we will be dealing with risk factors for male infertility, causes, semen analysis, and treatment.

Infertility in males can best be diagnosed by physical examination and testing by a licensed physician, evaluating both the man and the woman.

The full workup can be daunting and sometimes embarrassing. It can take several months to complete the testing. In approximately 15% of couples, no reason can be found for their infertility.

Before embarking on a lengthy medical diagnosis, exhaust all other avenues by reading, studying, taking your health into your own hands, and committing to each other to get as healthy as you can. It takes two to make a baby.

Like everything in God's kingdom, conception and delivering a healthy baby is a normal and natural condition of being human. Scientifically, conception appears to be a complex series of events ultimately resulting in the live birth of a human being. But, like every other miracle of life, it works when we do our part to keep things healthy.

If you are otherwise healthy, the problem may be something simple. Take all of the alternative, natural advice and give yourselves at least a year to implement all of the suggestions you can find.

Develop a plan and a timeline and stick to it. If, after a year, you have not attained pregnancy, then consider an infertility workup and treatment. Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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