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I have seen it over and over. Changes in lifestyle--even small changes--can make the difference. As I have said many times, pregnancy and childbirth are natural. Infertility, on the other hand, is an unnatural state; and, your body will always attempt to return to homeostasis and fertility.

Check out Percentage of Infertile Women to get some idea about the prevalence of infertility. Infertility levels in the U.S. are skewed slightly because of variables that may not apply to you. The most obvious example is that couples that practice a healthy lifestyle are less likely to be infertile.

On this site you can search for hcg infertility, hormone related infertility, miscarriage and infertility, female cycles and infertility, etc. The site is a work in progress. If you don't find all of your answers, you can write to us or check back. Your subject will likely be covered soon.

If you are otherwise healthy and have no genetic or accidental reasons for infertility... pregnancy should naturally be available for you. So, don't look at the statistics and assume there is no hope for you.

We're here to help solve the infertility dilemma and to help you get pregnant!

If you're searching "infertility" you are probably worried about your own fertility or you know someone who is. I am begging you to clear your mind of everything you have heard about infertility; and, start fresh with an attitude of discovering what you can do to encourage pregnancy.

So many women have taken their health into their own hands. They have been able to make some lifestyle changes that have made all the difference. If you and your partner are otherwise healthy, please stop and think about it. You should be able to get pregnant. But, pregnancy is tricky in that, the female body must be in a friendly state in order to invite the pregnancy in. pH, overall health, sperm count, body temperature, and many other factors can influence your success.

Many women visit my clinic with a complaint of infertility or probable infertility. They ask questions like "Do I have uterus infertility" or " this hormone infertility?" or "Do I have an infertility cycle?" These questions are simply a result of lack of knowledge. I am pleading with you to get information about the healthy human reproductive system. Also, study the various reasons why couples may not be getting pregnant. You will begin to realize that (in your situation) slight changes in diet and lifestyle may place you in a much better pregnancy position.

Take advantage of the resources on this website. Traditional infertility treatment is very expensive. Buy some books on this site and educate yourself. I have treated many women... including my own sister. After making a few lifestyle changes, she was pregnant within six weeks. That can happen for you too!

To that end, I have included everything in my knowledge bank and the expertise of other specialists, to give you the best chance possible.

Pregnancy Miracle: Chinese Medicine Cures Infertility! On this website, I like to review resources and then pass them along to you. The medical community can be very arrogant about its drugs and surgeries, developed over the last few decades; but, sometimes ancient wisdom has something to say. Doctors in China have been treating infertility for thousands of years. Testimonies speak for themselves. Click Here!

What exactly is Primary and Secondary Infertility? If a woman has never been able to get pregnant or to take a pregnancy full term after one full year of trying, conventional medicine labels that condition Primary Infertility. It is assumed, of course, that a couple has attempted consistently to achieve pregnancy. If a woman is unable to achieve pregnancy after already having one or more children, that is termed Secondary Infertility.

If you are interested in risk factors or tips on getting pregnant you will find a wealth of information as you begin to explore the site.

Fertility and Sterility may be confusing terms. It is important to note that Sterility is usually referring to the condition of the male. In order to deal with the emotional stress of infertility and depression, be pro-active early on by including counseling in your fertility treatment budget.

Dr. Irina Webster has written a very interesting book about infertility that will give you hope. Included are some videos of uplifting stories.

Go to unexplained infertility for some ideas when no one has an answer.

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Sperm Count. Male infertility accounts for a minimum of 30% of infertility cases. This is higher than most people think. Sperm quantity, strength and quality are important in assessing the fertility problem. Learn more.

Ovarian Cysts! You probably already know that ovarian cysts interfere with fertility. But, did you know that there are some things you can do to overcome a history of ovarian cysts?