Infertility and Depression

It might be said by some that Infertility and Depression go hand in hand. But, it doesn't have to be that way. You will need to take some specific pro-active steps to avoid those unwanted feelings.

There are a variety of reasons why couples (or one partner) get depressed when dealing with fertility issues. when a couple decides to start a family, everything is happiness until several months go by. The stress builds as each month the unwanted period flows, bringing the bad news that once again--no pregnancy!

Once fertility treatment begins, the testing process is difficult, stressfull and--for some couples--humiliating. The treatments can seem daunting. Life can feel "out of control."

Throw into that mix, friends, parents and other relatives--all with opinions--and you have a prescription for a less-than-happy process.

We strongly recommend taking an all natural approach first before embarking on the sometimes daunting medical maze called infertility treatment.

When and if you decide to embark on infertility treatment plan to include counseling in your budget. Most fertility clinics will have experienced counselors they can recommend. You will receive help in dealing with all aspects of your treatment journey.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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Here are some resources that might be of help:

Yoga for stress?!! You Bet!!! I love this program. I have read it. I have tried the postures. It's the best.

Chinese Medicine and Pregnancy! Chinese medicine has been treating infertility for thousands of years. See what has worked for others.

Meditation and Relaxation! Studies have shown that stress and anxiety inhibit fertility. I know of no better way to address stress than through prayer and meditation. There is something magical about taking time to stop, breath and clear the mind.

Pregnancy and Nutrition! If there's a chance your diet is wrong or you know you need to take some definite steps in getting healthier... don't hesitate. There are many resources on this site.