Human Fertility

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Human fertility is a subject that applies to both males and females. females. Often the female is considered responsible, probably because she carries the pregnancy and gives birth to a live human being. But, fertility takes two people—a male and a female. Infertility is found in both males and females.

Fertility is the ability of a male and female to reproduce by means of intercourse, conception, pregnancy and delivery of a viable human being.

Many factors influence successful reproduction Physical and chemical imbalances can disrupt the normal course of fertility. Cultural and environmental factors include good nutrition, sexual orientation, society and culture, emotional well-being, and living conditions.

Infertility is on the rise. Many infertile couples search for answers by self education and consultation with infertility specialists. Often a cause cannot be found, establishing the belief that there are other, less obvious, factors that can have an effect on a couple’s ability to conceive.

On this website we explore a variety of lifestyle changes which can make a dramatic difference in your ability to achieve pregnancy.

For a female and male, fertility vitamins can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Diet, exercise, and stress reduction are the beginnings of getting healthy enough to get pregnant.

Human Fertility

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