Green Tea and Fertility

Pregnant drinking tea

Green Tea and fertility. The debate continues. If you are thinking about including green tea as a part of your fertility program.

Green tea contains caffeine; and, we know that caffeine is contra-indicated when trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy. There are studies demonstrating that babies born to excessive coffee drinkers present with lower birth weights.

The reason green tea is a curious interest especially to infertile couples, is that in a study at Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program in Oakland, women doubled their chances of getting pregnant if they drank at least more than one half cup of green tea daily. This is a remarkable statistic.

In attempting to justify such a significant, apparent benefit, it was suggested that women (or couples) who drink green tea usually practice a healthier overall lifestyle. It probably isn’t the green tea that improves fertility. If you are able to get decaf green tea, you might benefit from consuming reasonable quantities before and/or during pregnancy.

We could hypothesize about the reasons why green tea is apparently beneficial; but no reliable conclusions have been drawn.

Japanese Green Tea and Chinese Green Tea vary widely, but not particularly from each other. The variables are endless in terms of quality, growing season, steamed or toasted, additives, etc.

During my research I came across opinions that contradicted each other from article to article. Health benefits of green tea vary widely as well. If you would like to add green tea to your fertility program, do some research and select brands that offer the greatest health benefits.

Again, consult your physician and decide on a comprehensive, healthy lifestyle plan.

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