Getting Pregnant on the Pill

If a medically prescribed birth control pill is taken, as directed, without fail, getting pregnant on the pill is very unlikely.

Before beginning any birth control regimen, educate yourself on the risks and side effects of the different methods you and your doctor are considering.

All medications come with an insert explaining everything you need to know about the pill you are taking--this includes statistics about the effectiveness of the drug and the chances (given in percentage) of getting pregnant while taking the drug.

Additionally, most (if not all) drugs and their characteristics are fully disclosed by manufacturers. Enter the name of the birth control you are considering (or currently taking) into your browser to do a search or find information at the Public Library.

Some people who have previously taken birth control pills to prevent pregnancy find that they have some difficulty getting pregnant after discontinuing the pill. Studies have shown that, if you are otherwise healthy, your body will return to its fertile state, but it may take three months to one year.

Explore your various options. You will find plenty of information online and on this website to help you make informed decisions.