Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

While getting pregnant after miscarriage is a happy surprise, it also brings with it some anxiety for couples who have experienced the pain of losing an unborn child. For couples wanting to conceive a child, miscarriage is a devastating event.

It is believed that nearly two thirds of all miscarriages occur early in the pregnancy and are not detected. So, many women get pregnant after a miscarriage and carry the fetus to full term never knowing that they miscarried.

The various causes of miscarriage are covered in another page of this website. A specialist can usually determine the cause of your miscarriage.

If a woman believes she is having or has had a miscarriage, it is important to see your obstetrician as soon as possible. It is important to be properly treated after a miscarriage. Often, with proper treatment, a woman can go on to get pregnant and carry her healthy baby full term.

If you are suffering from the emotional aspect of losing a baby by miscarriage, hope is not easy to maintain. Depression is common and can last for a few weeks or several months. It is important to seek help. Your physician can recommend the right person to help you through the process of recovery.