Financing Infertility

Financing infertility is like financing anything else. There are no special funds or agencies donating to couples who need aide in order to begin a family of their own.

First let's talk about financing surrogacy because it is a bit more predictable than the financing of medical treatments for infertility. It is best to handle surrogacy through an established agency. They have systems in place for finding the best candidates for surrogate mothering, lawyers to handle the legal aspects; counselors if needed; and medical care for the surrogate and unborn baby.

Because of their knowledge and experience, agencies can give you a good estimate of the costs you can expect.

At this time, surrogates receive from $18,000 to $25,000 to carry a baby to term. Other expenses can include her medical care, housing in some cases, and legal costs. While each case is different, expect the cost to be in the neighborhood of $50,000.

If you do not have cash to fund your surrogacy choices, loans are available through traditional channels if you have good credit, a job, and own a home.

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Dr. Christine Strong, NMD