Fibroids And Infertility

Fibroids and Infertility.

The question is: Do Uterine Fibroids cause Infertility? And, does removing them improve your chances of getting pregnant!

Pregnancy Hands A uterine fibroid is a “myoma” which means a tumor arising from muscle tissue. Since the wall of the uterus is muscle, uterine fibroids are myomas. They are usually fibrous, benign growths found in the uterus. And, it is assumed that some women have difficulty attaining pregnancy due to myoma formation.

The cause of these tumors is not known. However hormone imbalance, chemical influences, or a genetic anomaly, are three suspects.

It is important to note again that these tumors are not cancerous and are not associated with increased risk of uterine cancer.

Because so many women have fibroid tumors—up to 50% of adult women—it isn’t clear whether or not uterine fibroids cause infertility. Some women with fibroids are able to get pregnant and some infertile women have gotten pregnant after surgical removal of the tumors.

If you have fibroids but have been able to get pregnant, you should be able to attain additional pregnancies if you desire. However, depending upon the size and location of future fibroid tumors, they may interfere with conception because their presence sometimes distorts or blocks reproductive organs.

If you have fibroids and infertility, your doctor may order an ultrasound.

For an alternative treatment, check out fibroids 101, Elizabeth Smith, M.D. explains how all-natural progesterone can help.

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