Fertility Yoga

Pregnant woman yoga pose

Fertility yoga

The benefits of yoga could fill volumes. And, of course, a full discourse on yoga is beyond the scope of this website.

What I know about infertile couples and the application of yoga is that yoga dramatically improves mental and physical health. It can literally “stop the madness” of the infertility treadmill, slow everything down, and create a calm focus.

One of the joys of marriage is anticipating and creating a family. When that most fundamental impulse isn’t working, stress levels escalate. At the risk of sounding non-scientific or non-clinical, I want to go out on a limb and suggest “yoga for infertility.” It makes intuitive sense to address stress--bringing it into a manageable range. Yoga accomplishes that if practiced regularly.

Infertile couples cannot eliminate stress. The whole process is stressful regardless of how your journey plays out.

Studies have established that stress inhibits fertility. The mechanism is not clear, but when a woman is stressed, her hormones fluctuate and she often does not reach orgasm--both can effect her ability to conceive.

Yoga reduces stress!

Yoga professionals are familiar with fertility and pregnancy and can suggest the appropriate level and type of yoga for you.

Consult your doctor before embarking on any fertility plan. Yoga is part of an overall regimen of health and wellness.

Fertility Yoga!

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