Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment . Are you facing the possibility of seeking infertility treatment? Before you do, read articles on this site for information about what you can do for yourself to encourage pregnancy.

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I want to encourage you to look at “Alternative Treatments” before entertaining more aggressive standard treatments prescribed through the medical community.

You can go to “Fertility Drugs” to learn more about aggressive drug therapies. And, you can learn about getting tested in the "Infertility Testing" section.

But, lets talk about how the medical community defines infertility. If you have been wanting to achieve pregnancy and have been trying for a year, the word infertility often comes up. You will also be told that it might be time to have standard tests and proceed with some form of treatment.

Although you may have been trying for a year or more, this does not mean that you will never get pregnant or have a family. It is only the beginning of your journey. I'm here to help you every step of the way. And, remember, I am available if you need to speak with me personally.

I’m not trying to make light of these sometimes serious issues. But, I also want you to stay optimistic. Often, employing simple techniques can result in a viable pregnancy.

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Other Fertility Treatments:

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Femara for Infertility: Femara (Letrozole), manufactured by Novartis, induces ovulation. Many fertility clinics are prescribing Femara instead of Clomid or when Clomid fails.

Reiki and Infertility: While there are no studies supporting the treatment of Infertility with Reiki, women have claimed success in getting pregnant from Reiki treatment.

Massage for Infertility: How can massage help an infertile couple? Is massage considered one of the all-natural Infertility treatments? Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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