Fertility Diet

fertility diet are my favorite. I have written extensively about all aspects of pregnancy, but I still believe that the majority of couples can overcome fertility problems by adjusting lifestyle and adhering to a fertility diet.

Your chances of getting pregnant are much better when you and your partner are doing everything in your power to support the process.

Don't fixate on the word "diet" as it is commonly used in our society. Excessive dieting and exercise can actually work against your goal of getting pregnant. Instead, we're concentrating on health for you and your baby--a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and protein.

Fruits and vegetables contain natural sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and carbohydrate. The best way to get your nutrients is through the foods you consume. Instead of white bread, cookies and pastries, choose whole grains like brown rice and beans. Eating some lean fish, eggs, and chicken will adequately supply your protein requirements. A healthy diet is your best defense against illness.

Here are some examples: For breakfast have whole grain cereal topped with banana and berries and herbal tea. For lunch have a large salad with assorted fresh, raw vegetables and some grilled chicken. For dinner, brown rice, grilled salmon and steamed broccoli.

Having said that, even the best diet may not supply every nutrient needed for optimum fertility. As soon as you decide you want to start a family, begin taking prenatal vitamins and other supplements.

Winifred Conkling wrote a very good book, Getting Pregnant Naturally. A link will be provided soon. fertility herbs have been used successfully for centuries by women of various cultures.

Fertility vitamins are essential to ensure a healthy mom and baby and to place a woman in the optimum condition for conception.

You will find more tips for getting pregnant on other pages of this site.

I cannot adequately stress the need to explore natural fertility before agreeing to fertility drug treatment. My own sister got pregnant after ten years of trying. She and her husband made some fundamental changes in their lifestyle and diet. At 40, Kim gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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