Fertility Cycle

Are you and your spouse wanting a child more than anything in the world?

Know your body and when those

Fertility days fall in your monthly cycle.

Whether you are a man or a woman reading this, you will want to understand a woman's fertility cycle, Knowing when a woman is ovulating, gives you important information when attempting to achieve pregnancy.

What I am giving you here is a very simple explanation to begin your education about the female body. There are other pages on this website that go into much more detail.

You will want to look into fertility charting as a method of knowing exactly how your particular body works and exactly when you are ovulating. You are most likely to get pregnant on or around your ovulation days.

Most women's cycles are from 28 to 36 days in length. Day one is the first day of her period. Counting from day one, fertile days can fall somewhere between days 11 and 16. To determine exactly when those fertile days are, you must track your cycle using basal body temperature, observe the vaginal mucous, and you can use an LH (or ovulation) test kit.

Some women may only be fertile three days out of her entire month-long cycle. Knowing those days can save months of agonizing when trying to get pregnant. Dr. Christine Strong, NMD If you would like a phone consultation, contact me at editor@doctors-fertility-help.com