Fertility and Sterility

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Fertility and sterility are two words that are sometimes incorrectly used to describe infertility in women only. It can be confusing if you are searching for answers.

If you are suspecting that you might be infertile, you will find answers on this site. Fertility and infertility usually refer to the female condition. Sterility, on the other hand, is usually referring to the male condition.

On this site you will find both conditions defined and what you can do to improve your chances of attaining pregnancy the most natural way possible.

If you are a woman and worried about your fertility, read through the various articles here and make some lifestyle changes. Thousands of couples have been able to achieve pregnancy by improving their diet and avoiding habits that create disease--like smoking, drugs and alcohol.

Sterility on the other hand, is more specific to infertility in men. In 20% of couples unable to attain pregnancy, the cause is male factor infertility. It is usually about sperm viability or count. And, men rarely demonstrate symptoms. That is why men are often overlooked as a possible cause for a delay in getting pregnant. The woman is always suspected first.

Men can also benefit from improving health through simple lifestyle changes.

It is important to be evaluated at a reputable fertility clinic by an experienced fertility specialist.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD