Feng Shui Fertility

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Feng Shui Fertility

Like Yoga for fertility. science doesn’t give us much tangible proof in the form of “how it works!” On the other hand, ancient secrets of the Orient have a long history of empirical evidence to support the wisdom of a stress free body and a composed environment.

I am not a Feng Shui expert, nor do I understand how and why it works. Proponents of it, swear by it! And, since there is some interest in it as part of a comprehensive fertility plan, I want to address it.

What makes sense about the practice of Feng Shui as it relates to fertility, is the idea of removing clutter and blockages. In my own life, I have noticed that removal of clutter clears my head. Additionally, I have experienced discomfort when an object in my home seems out of place.

From these experiences, it makes perfect sense that there is a system or philosophy for creating a procreative environment.

I will eventually have links on this page to books that I prefer. I am in the process of reviewing the subject.

From my own reading and research, here are some simple suggestions to begin to make the bedroom a Feng Shui fertile place.

Remove all clutter, especially under the bed.

Remove anything that blocks the front door or the door to the bedroom.

Clean out closets and junk rooms that are cluttered. Televisions, mirrors and computers should be removed from the bedroom. Clear all clutter from tops of dressers.

Beds should never share a wall with a door.

There are many other suggestions beyond the scope of this page. Find books and articles online to enhance your knowledge of Feng Shui fertility.

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