Femara Infertility

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Like Clomid Letrozole (brand name Femara) induces ovulation and improves a woman's ability to ovulate. To date (of this writing) the FDA has not approved femara infertility treatment. It is FDA approved as a drug for breast cancer (in post menopausal women) only.

The manufacturer of Femara, Novartis, advises against the use of Letrozole to treat Infertility. However, a physician who is also a fertility specialist may use the drug "off label" to treat Infertility. And, in fact, the drug is proving to be superior to Clomid.

Patients taking femara for infertility have experienced less side effects than those using Clomid. Additionally, it appears that there is less likely a chance of conceiving multiples.

While Clomid lingers in the body for up to six weeks. Femara clears from the body very quickly and will only be effective for a cycle at a time.

Before embarking on an infertility treatment including drugs, exhaust all of your other options including lifestyle changes like diet, herbs, and other suggestions found on the pages of this website.

Get healthy and fit.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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