Femara Fertility

Letrozole (brand name Femara) is gaining popularity as the drug of choice in Fertility Clinics!

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Femara Fertility!

The most prevalent causes of Infertility in women are related to ovulation disorders. For a variety of reasons, hormonal imbalance effects ovulation. Without ovulation, there is no egg and therefore, no conception.

While Letrozole is not approved by the FDA as an Infertility drug, it is being used successfully in women all over the country to induce ovulation.

And, the fact is, that with Femara, Fertility is improved dramatically!

The success rate of Letrozole along with the fact that it has less side effects than Clomid, has made it a popular new drug for Infertility treatment. There is another important consideration. The use of Letrozole to treat Infertility has had a very short history. The FDA usually requires lengthy trials before approving a drug. Without years of empirical evidence to back it up, The potential long term side effects of Letrozole are unknown.

What is known about the drug is that it should not be in the body if a woman is pregnant. Fortunately, Letrozole clears out very quickly. Your doctor will require monthly pregnancy testing to ensure the safety of your baby.

Before deciding on a pharmaceutical drug to treat your infertility, try all of the diet and lifestyle changes suggested here on this website. Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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