Female Egg Donation

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How are donors and recipients matched? Will they know each other’s identity? Can the donor ever meet the child?

Female Egg Donation

It is the job of the agency to screen both donors and recipients. Donors are less involved in the selection process than recipients for obvious reasons.

Recipients often want to match some of their physical features so that the child resembles the parents in general.

Usually a recipient will be given information about several donors. From there, they select one to pursue. A donor has less control. So, it is important that she trusts the agency and has the assurance that recipients are screened for financial, emotional and physical health.

In terms of identity, most agencies are open to structuring the relationship in whatever way is comfortable for both donor and recipient. In other words, as a donor, you can give permission for the family to contact you later.

Sometimes children reach an age where they want to know who their biological parents are.

There are cases where the recipients want to meet the donor. If, as a donor, you are willing, a meeting can be arranged.

It is not usually recommended that donor and recipient have an ongoing relationship, especially with the child. Even photographs can be disturbing for a donor. The only exception, of course, is when the donor is a family member or friend.

Lately, there has been more and more concern regarding the number of times a particular donor has been chosen. It is a valid concern because there is the potential of half-siblings. Long distance donation can be an option if a recipient has a concern. Remember, if you are attracted to a profile, other people will be attracted to the same profile.

Your egg donor agency will provide you with counseling and a representative. You will have ample opportunity to get all of your questions answered. Be forthright in asking even the most difficult questions because female egg donation is a serious procedure with medical and moral implications.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

Female egg donation.

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