Endometriosis and Fertility

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Is there a link between Endometriosis and Infertility?

Endometriosis and Fertility!

The inner layer of the uterus is called the endometrium. As the name implies endometriosis arises from cells that make up the endmetrium.

For a variety of reasons, these cells can implant themselves outside of the uterus and attach to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and other areas outside of the uterus and even near or on the intestines. Almost anywhere in the pelvic cavity.

Woman most susceptible to endometriosis are of child bearing age between 25 and 35.

The exact mechanism or progression of the disease is not well understood. Some women have no symptoms and, therefore, don’t know they have it until they complain of infertility or other female conditions.

It is also not well understood why endometriosis causes infertility. Endometrial adhesions can interfere with the function of reproductive organs. It is also likely that endometrial growths cause hormone imbalance interfering with reproductive hormones.

Surgery is effective in certain cases depending upon the severity of the condition.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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