Egg Donation Program

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Who will get my eggs after I donate them?

This is an excellent question because the eggs you donate are genetically yours. That means that someone will be raising your biological child.

Egg donation program.

Because you will never carry the pregnancy and probably never see the child, you won’t have the emotional connection a mother naturally has with her child. Nonetheless, most responsible egg donors want some assurance that the recipients are financially, emotional and physical healthy.

All agencies have a basic criteria for acceptance into an egg donation program for both the egg donor and recipient. Minimally, they attempt to verify the stability of both.

Who seeks donor eggs?

Usually women in their mid 30’s to 40’s are those seeking donor eggs. The most common reason is that a woman has some form of ovarian dysfunction. She either doesn’t produce enough eggs or the eggs she does produce are poor quality and not viable.

There are rare cases where both a husband and wife have a genetic anomaly. Because they both carry the gene, the baby is at greater risk of inheriting the disease. In this case they might decide to use donor eggs and also donor sperm.

How recipients are accepted varies from agency to agency and state to state. You have every right to ask direct questions about the quality of recipients.

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Egg Donation Program. Learn more information about egg donation.

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