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What does it cost to commission a surrogate?

The cost of Surrogate Mother! What is the cost of acquiring a surrogate mother to carry your baby?

There are many variables to consider when attempting to determine the cost of having a surrogate deliver your baby.

All of the estimates that follow are only ballpark figures. They do not account for complications, multiple births or any other unexpected occurrences.

Your agency will be able to give you much more accurate estimates after they assess your unique situation.

For a standard Gestational surrogacy process--if the surrogate is expecting a fee of $20,000 and she has no insurance--you can expect to pay close to $50,000. That would include the legal expenses, medical expenses, surrogate fee and agency fees. This price is assuming that she is fertilized by artificial insemination. Embryo transfer with an egg donor runs about $55,000, but can go as high as $70,000. And, embryo transfer without an egg donor runs about $50,000.

Some couples are able to secure a surrogate from within the family. In that case, the cost might be considerably less. The surrogate, through an agency, is usually paid around $20,000.

It is advisable to use an agency or an attorney even if you know your surrogate. Having a contractual agreement helps everyone to adjust to the commitment. It helps the surrogate make the transition when she needs to give the baby to the legal parents.

Having said all of that, can be found within your own family or friends. Most situations have a very positive outcome. Visit a surrogacy center to get your questions answered and to understand your options.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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Cost of Surrogate Mother!

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