Get pregnant with natural fertility.

Most of the common fertility drugs used today to treat infertility in women have direct action on ovulation. Clomid is no exception.

Clomid is most commonly given to women who have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS); but, a physician might try it with other ovulation problems as well.

This medication is a "fertility pill" taken by mouth.

There are a range of side effects to consider when making your decision to agree to treatment with Clomid. Common side effects include hot flashes, breast tenderness,vomiting, nausea, spotting, headaches and multiple births.

Before making the decision to take fertility drugs, educate yourself. In my clinic, I consider fertility drugs and procedures a last resort.

Read about other couples who have taken their health into their own hands and educated themselves about health and fertility. You may find some small change that you can make. I've seen it time and again. Read this book now and be inspired by the success stories of other couples. Learn what you can do to make yourself fertile. Infertility cures.  cure infertility,  fertility Also, seek a fertility specialist through a fertility clinic when considering any of the many fertility drugs.

Keep in mind that you are more likely to achieve pregnancy under the care of a fertility specialist.

Male Infertility --especiall low sperm count--can contribute to the infertility picture. Before agreeing to drug therapy, your male partner should see a physician to be tested for infertility.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

Dr. Daniel A. Potter and Jennifer S. Hanin, both fertility patients themselves, offer a step-by-step guide to the intricate process of having a baby using the latest in reproductive technologies. What to Do When You Can't Get Pregnant: The Complete Guide to All the Technologies for Couples Facing Fertility Problems

Dr. Alice Domar, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard, with freelance writer Kelly, provides here a well-written and supportive self-help manual for women who have been unable to sustain a pregnancy. Conquering Infertility: Dr. Alice Domar's Mind/Body Guide to Enhancing Fertility and Coping with Infertility

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