Choosing Baby Gender

You may be successful, as many couples will testify, to choosing baby gender. At least some couples believe that they can attribute their success to using a method that was promoted by Dr. Landrum Shettles in the early 80's.

To summarize this gender selection approach, it is all about charting a woman's monthly cycle and then timing intercourse to favor either a boy baby or a girl baby.

Choosing Baby Gender, Infertility There are two types of sperm. The "X" are the female and they swim more slowly than the male, but they are bigger and they live longer. The "Y" are the male and they are smaller, but faster swimmers. They have a shorter life span.

So, if a couple has intercourse close or during ovulation, the chances of a male baby are greater because the male sperm die earlier, but swim faster than the female.

Get pregnant the natural way. If intercourse is timed three days or more before ovulation, the female sperm predominate because they can stay alive until ovulation, while the males have already died off.

This is a simplistic summary of Dr. Shettles method. I advise purchasing any of the many books on the subject.

The pH of a woman's vagina will also favor one sex over another. Girls prefer a more acidic pH and boys thrive in a more alkaline environment.

Dr. Christine Strong, NMD Positions of intercourse can also influence the gender of your baby.

If a woman has an orgasm, a boy baby is more likely. If she doesn't, a girl baby is more likely.

Remember, there are no guarantees. It is not an exact science. Be prepared, even after carefully following Dr. Shettle's instructions, to care for whatever gender God gives you.

Choose baby gender is not as important as loving the baby God gives you.

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Dr. Christine Strong, NMD

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