Caffeine and Infertility

Caffeine and infertility, solving infertility, getting fertile

Is there a relationship between caffeine and infertility? Maybe! I know this isn't what you wanted to hear. It is a simple enough question, but the answer is difficult because every body is different.

And, there are many cases of unexplained infertility or miscarriage that might be attributed to excessive coffee/caffeine consumption.

For now, cut back on your coffee/caffeine consumption six months before and during pregnancy. If you think you are addicted, ease off slowly. Get it down to 1/2 cup in the mornings. Or, eliminate it altogether.

A variety of problems have been associated with

caffeine and infertility including miscarriage, low birth weight, and infertility. In my opinion, the data is not conclusive and data from studies can be skewed to favor a particular outcome. Having said that, why take a chance.

In my practice--whether we're discussing infertility or heart disease--caffeine consumption is discussed. To eliminate caffeine, read labels because it can be found in a variety of beverages.

Most standard teas have caffeine and, of course, regular coffee contains caffeine.

Try some of the coffee substitutes found in the health food store. Often, a hot beverage makes an adequate substitute.

Other causes for infertility besides caffeine can be explored throughout this website.

There are so many wonderful books written by women who have been in your shoes. Here is a good book about nutrition before, during and after pregnancy to give your baby a head start on health. Eating for Pregnancy: An Essential Guide to Nutrition with Recipes for the Whole Family

The Mayo Clinic boasts having the best doctors in the country. You can trust their recommendations. Read what they have to say about preparing yourself for a healthy pregnancy. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

If you would like a consultation with one of our fertility doctors, write to

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