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About me! I am Dr. Christine Strong, licensed to practice medicine in the State of Arizona.

I have a passion for natural health.

For ten years my private practice flourished. I learned that I was in the education business. The more knowledge my patients could absorb, the more empowered they were to get healthy and stay healthy.

My interest in infertility began fifteen years ago when my sister--who had been trying to get pregnant for a whopping ten years--finally decided to listen to me and try some simple alternative suggestions. Much of what I taught her, I learned while working at the Pritikin Center in San Diego. They were easy lifestyle changes. Within six weeks she was pregnant!

Natural Infertility treatment is a perfect fit for me. I believe in it. I have seen it work. So, along with the many other areas of medicine that interest me, I have helped my patients overcome Infertility. I promote the Pregnancy Miracle book because it offers many of the treatments that I suggest to my patients. My virtual patients are all over the world--that's because, with the help of the Pregnancy Miracle book, I can help those not in my neighborhood.

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For a consultation with me, write to info@doctors-fertility-help.com

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