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You're here reading this because you are seeking advice about how to achieve pregnancy. Because I cannot treat patients that live in other parts of the United States or the world, I have chosen to feature the Pregnancy Miracle book because it has many of the suggestions and protocols that I suggest to my patients. Just click on the image to the right -------------------------------->

Your fertility and infertility questions are answered here. Both Male and Female Infertility are major concerns for thousands of couples trying to get pregnanct. If you want to achieve pregnancy and you have had difficulty, don't be discouraged.

I am Dr.Christine Strong, NMD, a California licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor with a passion to help healthy men and women achieve pregnancy and childbirth. By systematically changing your diet and lifestyle, you can take control of your fertility. I believe healthy couples can achieve pregnancy and create the family of their dreams.

You will be thrilled when your pregnancy test reads positive. Imagine the joy of full-term pregnancy--giving birth to your own little miracle. You deserve the same opportunity that other healthy couples enjoy. You deserve your own child.

Knowledge is power! By educating yourself, you will begin to understand your body and what small changes can yield huge benefits. As you unravel the mystery and get some answers, you will be empowered to do everything in your personal power to create the family you desire.

Pregnancy Please use this site to explore extensive fertility and infertility information with the goal of finding an answer. I care about you and I want to help you reach your goal. You might find your answer in one of my articles. Or, you might want to consult with me personally. I am here to help you.

All the information on this site is written by me. Take advantage of my extensive experience and research to find answers to your questions.

My most rewarding success story is the birth of my niece. After ten years of trying, my sister and her husband achieved pregnancy and childbirth--and overcame their infertility problem--by following my simple instructions.

On Every page of my website, I briefly review and promote a favorite resource. As a Naturopathic Physician, I have seen first hand the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This particular ebook gives you the protocols that have been used for thousands of years. Click Here!

I only know a few women who have not wanted to get pregnant sometime during their lifetime. Every woman has pregnancy on her mind at some point. This website is dedicated to those couples who want pregnancy and want a family; but, for whatever reason, the journey is a bumpy road.

A big part of the discussion is getting healthy before pregnancy. I want to teach you how to get pregnancy mentality; and, how to exhaust every avenue (that you may have overlooked) before resorting to standard infertility treatments.

Getting pregnancy tips long before you suspect a problem will help you to exhaust all of your available avenues.

The discussions will include standard medical treatment for infertility; getting healthy for pregnancy; getting your body ready for pregnancy; natural environmental changes you can to give you the best chance of achieving pregnancy; cramps in early pregnancy; periods during pregnancy; causes of infertility; ways to become more fertile; how not to get fat during pregnancy; the pregnancy calendar; and a host of other topics of interest to couples seeking to create a family.

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